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I am Yun-Seog Jeong, CEO of the Shinil Industrial Co., Ltd.

Dear customers,

Shinil Industrial Co., Ltd. has made another step-up to become a leading company in the 4th industry with its vision as “family and companion” in ‘a great journey and great accompaniment’ with customers.

Shinil Industrial Co., Ltd., with 60 years of history, produces and sells a wide range of products such as fans, heating appliances, and household kitchen appliances. Our major product, fans, has won the ‘Korean Customer Satisfaction Index KS-QEI’ during past 12 consecutive years based on its outstanding technology and quality. Besides we have also launched new models including fan heater, Eco heater, Moo Moo humidifier, Rollingston Wireless Handheld Electric Mop, blender, vacuum cleaner and microwave oven. These newly launched products are leading the home appliance market of heating for winter not only for summer.

We research and analyse customer needs every year and continue to develop new products with high cost-effectiveness and endeavor in order to reach out to customers. In addition, we have been awarded the ‘Korea Innovation Frontier Award’ for four consecutive years since 2014. Furthermore, we continue to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.

  • Fan donation activity for the commemoration of the Memorial Month during past four consecutive years
  • Fan donation activity to the Seoul Energy Fund
  • Shinil Industrial Co., Ltd.’s product donation activity for the Eastern Social Welfare Society
  • Free inspection of fan in the lodgings of Yeondeungpo-gu

By developing products suitable for the trend and creating value for design, we will achieve the growth of brand value. Besides we will become a global company by expanding our business from domestic market.

Thank you.