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Corporate identitiy / Brand identity

Introduction of Company Mascot Weady

Fairy of the weather, “Weady” appears like a comet, when people are in hot or in cold!

This company mascot “Weady” brings the happiness to customers irrespective of four seasons.

SHINIL means “You can bring the season you want as a gift at anytime and anywhere”.
To people who are in hot, “Weady” gives the coolness with his propeller overhead. To people who are in cold, “Weady” gives the warmth with his shawls.

“Weady” shows the harmony of seasons with warm color, “Orange” in terms of color, even though it looks like a cold snowman in terms of the shape.

Company Identity

Definition of CI

CI expresses the mind that thinks about customers and symbolizes “SHINIL is connecting with consumers”.
CI expresses the heart of SHINIL loves customers with the circle of heart as well as symbolizes the laughter of consumers.


CI must be used by the regulation of it with the same ratio of magnification & reduction.

It’s prohibited to use CI with under 16mm in the width.

Fixed Color

M100 / Y100
R230 / GO / B18

R114 / G113 / B113